4 Signs You’ve Found The Next Best Tech Company To Work For

A few years ago, you’d be forgiven for joining a company that looked great on paper but didn’t meet your expectations later down the line.


But, nowadays, there are key signs that an organisation is covering for a lack of ambition, or quite the opposite – signs that they actually mean business.


To give you an idea, here are the four biggest indicators that you’ve nailed the perfect job before walking through the doors.


1. Progression



Before you start work, no matter whether you’re a programmer or product manager, you need to know what the big picture is before you can deliver the best possible result. The same is true of your career. For peak performance, you need to know exactly where you intend to be in five years’ time.


The best tech companies don’t offer vague salary or career progression promises. These are made clear from the outset. So, check if the job description includes a plan to bring on other technologies or expand the team. What about networking opportunities, or the chance to join client meetings? Their enthusiasm for investing in your role should come off the page.


2. Training


Even if you’re interviewing for a senior position, training packages should be considered a must. This industry moves fast, after all. If you’re going to be much use to anybody, you’ll need to stay aware of changes in software, language and technology.


A company that knows this as well as you do is worth its weight in gold. When assessing the job market, look out for opportunities to be trained in emerging tech, attend events with renowned guest speakers and set regular learning objectives.


3. Perks


Look out for the best staff benefits – the kind that deliver a great working atmosphere and attract a higher calibre of employee.


You want a company with well-defined perks that give you opportunities to improve and progress – as well as remuneration for hard work. If possible, ask the staff at your potential new employer what they think of the perk scheme. This ought to offer some invaluable insight into whether the rewards are right.


4. Variation


If your sector’s niche, you might have very little opportunity to explore a wide variety of assignments and deal with a range of clients. But if your employer is interested in innovating and investing in the latest technology, there’s plenty for you to be learning.


New and exciting tasks undoubtedly make any role more interesting, and they also strengthen your skill set. You don’t want to stagnate. If you do, the next time you look at the job market, you won’t recognise it. You need to be advancing in a personal capacity, just as much as a professional one.


At thryve, we believe in a fulfilling work environment. That’s why we’re best placed to identify one that’s suited to you – we can help match you to the German tech businesses that tick all of the above boxes and more.


Searching for a winning role in tech? Get in touch today and our team will guide you through the next stage of your career.

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