5 Qualities of a Great Software Developer

What makes a good Software Developer? What qualities do you need? Here are our top attributes that equal a fantastic Software Developer.


1. Passionate


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This career route can often mean long hours on the computer, so a passion for coding is a must! If you choose a career that makes you excited, “you will never have to work a day in your life”. When you are passionate about the work you are producing, your manager will pick up on this, you will be better at your job and you’ll feel rewarded.


2. Creativeness


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Every Software Developer will need to think outside of the box more than once. Creativity will allow you to explore new avenues within your job and push you to move forward. Creative thinkers are open-minded when it comes to management are usually a lot more flexible with how they work.


3. Team player


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The ability to work with everyone within the business is a must. A programmer rarely works alone and will be working alongside other programmers, managers, marketing and sales staff, so being a team player is important.


4. Willingness to learn


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Within the tech industry, everything will be continuously growing and changing on a daily basis. You will need to keep up with new software tools, languages, frameworks and modules being released every day.


5. Time Management


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Most programmers work on projects with deadlines, so time management comes with the job. Everyone will have their own way of organising their time, so find yours!


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