5 Signs you didn't do well in an interview

Usually if you have a bad feeling about how an interview went, chances are you didn’t do as well as you expected. Here are our tell-tale signs that mean you probably didn’t land the position.


1. The interview was cut short


Coffee and pen, meeting, taking notes


Were you scheduled an hour but were out the door in 15 minutes? This doesn’t look promising, however don’t stress! Work schedules can be demanding sometimes and there may have been a last-minute client call or meeting.


2. You didn’t get invited in to meet the team


People speaking in coffee shop, coffee mug, laptop, tech, interview


Sometimes (and we’re not saying always) you will get invited in to meet the team. An interviewer wouldn’t do this unless they saw potential in you, they are looking to get approval from the team.


3. They didn’t ask for your availability


Taking notes in a meeting, pen, silver, coffee


Usually when an employer is looking to move you onto the next stage, they will ask for your availability to either come in again or start the position. If they ask for your availability, take this as a good sign as they are interested!


4. You didn’t feel a connection with the interviewer


Group meeting, group, meeting, work


Think of an interview like a first date – if you instantly click and bounce off that person, that’s usually a good sign, right?


5. You stumbled over the killer question


listening in interview, pen and paper


Do you keep repeating that part of your interview over in your head? The bit where you froze on a question that completely caught you out? That question may have been the deal-breaker question. Not to worry though, in future do your research, relax and get plenty of sleep the night before – you should ace this next time around!


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