Beyond The Salary: How Can You Attract Top Tech Candidates?

Sometimes, it can feel like top candidates are seriously few and far between – especially in niche areas of emerging tech.

It’s common knowledge that demand for great talent outweighs supply in our sector – meaning hundreds of companies are competing for a handful of well-qualified workers.

So, where does that leave your business? Why would the best in tech choose you over a big, shiny company with a bottomless salary pot?

The good news is there are several ways to ‘punch above your weight’ and beat off rival offers from other firms. Here’s how…


Create a great culture – and show it off


Your culture should be a reflection of who you are as a business. Engage with your team and find ways to offer them a sense of freedom, opportunity and, most importantly of all, purpose. Make your people a part of your brand story – not just expendable employees.

Creating a positive company culture is like throwing a stone into a lake: it creates a ripple effect. Start implementing the right measures and, before you know it, people from far and wide will be searching your jobs page as they yearn to be a part of your brand.


Offer incentives for your team


Maximising employee engagement means providing incentives. Staff won’t excel simply because you tell them to. You have to ask: What’s in it for them?

Training opportunities are a great way to separate yourself from other businesses in tech as many new employees will want to pick up new skills alongside their salary. Other potential incentives worth considering are flexible working hours, wellbeing schemes (such as gym passes and classes), workshops, expert seminars, and clear career advancement opportunities.


Develop pride in your brand


Your current staff will make the most convincing argument about the merits of your company. When team members are queuing up to give glowing testimonials, you know that you’ve successfully managed to cultivate brand pride.

By listening to staff and giving them the chance to contribute and put forward ideas, you can make them feel part of something special – the kind of organisation they look forward to working for on a Monday morning.


Refine your recruitment process


You won’t bring in the best of the best by simply posting a job advert and crossing your fingers. A strategic recruitment process is essential if you want to catch the attention of top talent.

It’s also important to remember that great candidates might not live in your hometown, and they won’t be keen to keep returning for repeated interviews. You need to ensure your recruitment is fast and agile.

This is where Lennon Wright come in. We specialise in helping businesses get the best workers in through their doors – using our extensive experience, knowledge and industry contacts to put your company on the map.

We have offices in Munich, London and Berlin, so we’re perfectly placed to help you secure talent from all over Europe.  If you’d like to learn more about what we can do to help you, get in touch with our team through our contact page.

Remember, you can send a message to us at any time using our Live Chat feature in the bottom right corner.

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