Coping with Covid | Sandhya Krishnan

The exceptional times have forced all of us to be at home. These circumstances that have forced us all to think about changing the rules of the game. First and fore-most in the priority list in the present times is to adopt to new technologies which would enable us to get things done in the virtual world, over the internet.

Coming to my story, I was on a short break from my career taking care of my one-year old son, and was seriously considering returning to work when the pandemic struck. I also had started getting a couple of calls and was weighing pros and cons of the opportunities available to me. For me, sitting idle until the virus wiped out completely was out of the question. It was when I decided to utilize my time for improving my skills. I came across a book purchased earlier - "SQL The Complete Reference" but hardly had any time to go through the contents. But this was my time - and I began making use of the book to sharpen my skills by underlining the key areas and making notes.

I was also learning German through an online app and had acquired A2 certification through it. In fact, I was planning to appear for A2 Geotheke certification shortly. But this unforeseen situation has toppled all my ideas. I felt that it will not be a good idea if I wait for the exam centre to resume operations after lockdown to appear for Geotheke A2 exam and then start learning B1. I have now started learning B1 and now I am in good track. Hopefully I will be able to complete B1 before lockdown ends.

I familiarized with LinkedIn more during this period to connect with HR professionals. Many HR professionals are suggesting to undertake a job search using keywords like "Remote", "COVID", "virtual" etc. during this period and I find that it works.

There is a high change for people like me who is an ardent travel enthusiastic to lose the balance of mind even if you try to compensate it with indoor activities. A good solution would be to spare a good share of time for gardening and cultivating some vegetables in my backyard and of course trying a new recipe each day.

Food, Recipe

For those who are undergoing a similar situation as mine, looking for a job after a career break, I would recommend using internet tools such as LinkedIn, W3Schools, Bussu (online language learning app) and other similar platforms along with traditional books and magazines which will enhance your career prospects and build your contacts by the time the world is back to normal. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and it is only a matter of time before the light shines bright for the world.

Written by Sandhya Krishnan |


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