Do clients and candidates miss phone calls from recruiters?


Whilst I can’t profess to be a godfather of recruitment like Gary Goldsmith or Dean Kelly and I have never used a franking machine, spun a Rolodex or posted CV's by mail, I’ve been working in this industry for 10 years now and I’ve seen a lot of change.

When I started out, LinkedIn hadn’t reached its peak. Inmails weren’t a thing. And “headhunting” meant calling people at their desk whilst they were sat next to a manager, not waiting for someone to respond to your connection request. 

Back in 2010, clients complained about me being “the 10th recruiter to call me today” and candidates used to moan along the same lines (pretty good problem to have “too many” phone calls offering you jobs hey?”.

I’ve observed that as the years have passed, rec-tech and technological innovation in general has massively enhanced and enabled recruiters to reach out and build relationships in ways other than the telephone. 

But is this a good thing? 

For some excellent recruiters, yes. 

But for many these innovations have been simply enabling recruiters to be lazy and to hide behind this “activity”. Instead of trying to build relationships over the phone or face-to-face, they tell themselves that they are being effective by sending 100 Inmails out a day. 

Don’t get me wrong - Inmails, videos, emails, mail campaigns are all good ways to get noticed. But only as part of a structured, comprehensive strategy that places genuine personal relationship-building at the centre of it. And it’s my belief that the most effective way of doing this is actually talking to people - by phone or in person. 

The reason for writing this is that over the past few months, the team at thryve. and I have had many conversations with "cold" candidates and decisions makers who were actually pleased to hear from us.

“You know you’re the first recruiter this week to actually call me?”

“You won’t believe how many emails I get from recruiters who never call me”

Sounds crazy right? A client WANTING to speak to a recruiter?

But it’s not crazy. 

When you engage with clients by offering them a solution, give insight into their market place or advising on how they can improve their recruitment strategy, you are helping them. 

You don’t help someone by writing “Hi NAME, I have seen your profile on LinkedIn and I am very keen to speak to you about some great opportunities I have in Berlin.” or “Hi Manager, I understand you are looking for DevOps Engineers right now, I can help, what is the best number to reach you on?”. And then waiting for them to respond. 

No, no, no! 

Why would they respond? Especially when they have 20 other messages sat in their inbox saying exactly the same thing. 

Fortune favours the brave. Be brave this 2020! 


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