How to Ace Your Technical Interview | Daniel Okwufulueze

Written by Daniel Okwufulueze, Senior Engineer


1. Have a solid understanding of the job specification as advertised


The job specification usually contains the technical skills needed for the successful candidate. That's usually a very good first place to start.


2. Know the industry your desired job operates in


A good understanding of the industry helps you see the reason why your skills are needed. If you know why you're needed, it would be easy to discuss the technicalities that are operational in your job.


3. Understand stuff like algorithms, complexities, and data structures


This understanding guarantees that you don't just code, you're technically sound and would usually apply the best solution to problems. A popular saying goes "there are many ways to catch a rat", there are also many ways to solve tech problems, what makes the best candidate stand out is the depth of their understanding of the tools, concepts, best practices, and methodologies of the profession.


4. Be comfortable communicating with charts, numbers, and code or pseudocode 


Your interviewer may come up with a diagram and see how you analyse it, what conclusions you arrive at and why. They may provide you with pseudocode that's buggy to see how you'd improve it, why you chose the approach you've chosen, and so on.


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