How to Avoid Making a Bad Hire

Do you feel like you keep making the same mistakes when it comes to hiring? It can be an expensive process if it isn’t done correctly. Here’s how to avoid making mistakes when hiring for your next position.


1. Review your hiring process


Are there enough steps to filter out bad candidates? Nowadays one face-to-face interview isn’t enough. A group trial day in the office can bring out the best or even the worst in some people. It is always a good idea to see your potential employee in action.


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2. Use social media platforms to headhunt


Getting the best possible candidate for your position can sometimes feel like a needle in a haystack. In the social media era we live in today, everyone is online! Join Facebook hiring groups, get into discussions on Twitter and follow hashtags on Instagram – you never know who may be around the corner.


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3. Ask for references before you hire


Make sure you have a few good references on your side before you make the decision to hire. If you get a fantastic reference from their most recent employer – perfect! If their employer says they “don’t wish to comment” then that is a huge red flag.


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4. Don’t panic hire


Ever been in a position where you need someone NOW? Every candidate you interview will look great in your eyes because you are desperately searching for someone to fit that position. Instead, why not reach out to a recruiter who can do all of the hard work for you? Recruiters spend all day speaking to candidates and are experts in hiring. They will have candidates ready and waiting for a phone call, if you haven’t already – get in touch!


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