Interview with Stefanie Milcke, CMO and CSO at Gastro-MIS GmbH

Going fully remote and embracing greater efficiency. Social distancing and loneliness. Getting active and developing a stronger family unit. Check out our interview with Stefanie Milcke, CMO and CSO at Gastro-MIS GmbH - on adapting to working list in the age of COVID-19.


1. How have you adapted to work these last few weeks?


Unlike many others, I was working in a home office based company before - or let’s say in one of the home office based departments of that company. We consider it easier to find talent, more cost efficient and also more work efficient to work in home office. Basically our developers and also the business devision is a lot more productive that way.
The only change was that we skipped the 1-2 office days per week for those that did a mixed model.


2. What have been the biggest challenges for you?


With that said, the change hasn’t been too big. But even for me - one of those doing the mixed model - it’s a change to skip the presence days. I’m even more efficient now but in times with no hot urgent group project (like we had at the beginning of Corona) you can start to feel lonely.


3. Have you seen any benefits?


Being full time at home, it’s easier to combine family, work and sports, if you’re disciplined enough to stop working early enough. So my plan is start at 6, do joined lunch at 12, finish working at 3 or 4, go for a run or swim and spend time with the family. That’s the plan… which doesn’t work every day.


4. How are you keeping active?


Active? Well let me interpret that on networking. I have been a good networker before, being start-up mentor and host of two offline meetup groups. Now I fully turned digital and hold my first virtual meetup which has actually been a panel discussion on the question “Does marketing do make sense during Corona pandemy?” Experience differed quite a lot from the personal meetups but it’s been great fun and the big advantage is: you can keep and spread a video of it.


5. Is it "business as usual" for you or has this been a massive change?


For us, the focus has changed. Right after the lock down started, we spent all our energy on urgently helping our customers, the gastronomic sector, which is heavily affected. We developed products that helped them sell online and gave marketing advice. 

Now that the first fires are extinguished, we (and especially I) are concentrating on the lock-up. I’m preparing my own company, so we can be stronger than ever before e.g. by doing all the homework we missed during busy times. Also I am collecting material and advice for our customers so their re-opening can go smooth. We are in this together, and we can be stronger than the crisis. All we have to do is stand together and give each other a helping hand - I know be close is forbidden in the real world but definitely not metaphorically...


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