Jobs Of The Future: How To Get Involved In The Best Emerging Tech Roles

There’s no end in sight to the tech boom. New business innovations seem to emerge every month – and this is creating demand for unprecedented industry roles.

Sure, some of these jobs are only temporary. But others are set to become the most highly paid and sought-after tech professions on the planet.

Want to get your foot in the door? Here’s what you need to know about the jobs of the future…




working, laptop, typing, hard at work

DevOps isn’t entirely original: it’s actually a combination of two separate skill sets that complement one another perfectly in an increasingly interconnected climate.

With DevOps, the agile/lean philosophy (which has surged in popularity over the past few years) comes together with the service lifecycle approach (i.e. participation through the design, development and production stages).

Within this sector are roles like engineer, architect and manager – all of which are committed to enhancing technical collaboration to increase business efficiency. Responsibilities can range from building software and testing code to releasing new features and connecting these to other departments in the business.


Artificial intelligence


AI, PHP, Developer, Coding

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to grow and grow. We’re already seeing it being integrated with robotic process automation, and it will soon be instrumental across production… not just in Germany, but throughout the world.

Complex and sophisticated, AI involves finding ways to assign human qualities to machines – combining the physical capabilities of robots with the logical thinking of a working person.

The availability of these roles will rise rapidly very soon – particularly in AI programming. Responsibilities here include software development and management, with the best candidates possessing skills in C++, STL, OpenGL, PhysX, Perl and Perforce.


Machine learning


Technical, Tech, Space, Tech, AI

Closely related to AI is machine learning, which involves applying intelligence to a system so it can learn on its own (without the need for programming).

Machine learning engineers are a handsomely paid rare breed – and companies will need their skills more than ever as digital workforces get smarter. Responsibilities as a machine learning pro include designing and developing algorithms, conducting data analyses, and identifying patterns based on historical data.

If you can gain experience in programming languages, data engineering and data science, you can put yourself forward for one of these prestigious roles and reap the rewards.




Cyber, Cyber security, Secure

The number of cyberattacks continues to rise every year, and businesses must remain one step ahead of increasingly sophisticated hacking attempts. That’s why cybersecurity jobs are in huge demand.

Anyone with experience in building security networks can be considered for these roles – but you’ll need to earn the necessary certifications and demonstrate a true understanding of encryption to stand a good chance of being hired. The training and revising will be worth it, though. Cybersecurity jobs aren’t just going to increase in volume – they’re also going to pay more.

There’ll be plenty of responsibilities for those in cybersecurity management tiers, including infrastructure monitoring, department collaboration, incident response strategising, and new technology implementation.


Choose thryve and find your next tech role


Many of these emerging tech roles are still very fresh, so it can be tough to both access these jobs and find the right way in which to prepare for the application and interview stages.That’s why you should turn to Lennon Wright.

Our team know the German tech market inside out. We provide all the guidance and support you need to track down niche roles and put yourself in the frame for a job in DevOps, AI, machine learning or cybersecurity.

Opportunities are also available in blockchain, cryptocurrency, data science and UX/UI design roles.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you carve out an exciting career in a new field of tech.

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