Lennon Wright changes to thryve

I am immensely proud of the work that we have been doing since our inception. I started the company in 2015 with the vision to truly change the way recruitment is done in Germany. Having worked exclusively in the German Tech market since 2010, I felt it was only natural to continue this when I set up on my own.

In those first 5 years, Lennon Wright evolved dramatically and is now a major player in the German Tech recruitment industry – a long way away from a box-sized office in Oxfordshire! We’ve made all the mistakes that companies starting out do – we’ve made poor hiring decisions, we’ve made questionable commercial decisions and we have learnt a hell of a lot.

2018 and 2019 saw Lennon Wright transform and start delivering consistently on our promise to clients and candidates, and we find ourselves at the dawning of 2020 in the best position we have ever been in. We have the perfect team, an incredible infrastructure and all the best tools and training to thrive in the years to come.

Which brings me to the reason I am writing this. 2020 also brings the change of Lennon Wright to a fresh and dynamic brand – thryve.

Why now?

As part of our ambitious “2020 vision”, we felt that now was the perfect time to make the brand change.

With a new website, product suite, office locations, new improved benefits for our team and a doubling of staff headcount planned, we wanted to start 2020 with a fresh brand, and indeed a fresh name. Our new identity, thryve, has been designed to satisfy all of the reasons people partner with Lennon Wright – integrity, transparency, excellent service and high quality – whilst simultaneously modernising the brand and giving it an edge in a competitive marketplace.

Why thryve.?

We are all about people – the people we partner with on the client side, the candidates we help to find new jobs and, of course, the amazing people that make up our teams. We want everyone connected with us to thrive. We want to help companies to grow, candidates to prosper and our team to evolve. We are so passionate about growth that we felt the word “thrive” would best represent our evolution and our business mission. By using a y instead of an I, we felt this gave the new name a modern edge.

You may have already heard lots of noise on social media already, but keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for more videos, posts and info about this change.

For those of you who have partnered with us in the past, this change will enhance everything that we do, so you will be seeing a bigger, better and more effective thryve,

I hope this New Year brings you lots of success and happiness and I do hope that you thryve in 2020.


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