Q&A with New Starter, Savana Vezzoni

This week's Q&A is with Savana. One of our new starters here at thryve, who we onboarded during the crisis. Read on to find out what it's like to work from home for the very first time from a tiny home office whilst discovering a brand new sector.


Have you always worked in Recruitment or is this your first time?


"It’s my first time working in recruitment. I come from a tech events background, so having some prior background knowledge has been quite helpful."


How are you finding working life at the moment?


"I have to say it’s quite strange as I’ve never had to actually work from home before, but I’m getting used to the flow of the day and how to use my time more efficiently. I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it again actually."


What are your thoughts on coming back into the office?


"In terms of coming back to the office, I’m a bit nervous. Mostly because we’ve all been hidden away for so long in lockdown and I worry about being around people safely again. However, in terms of life moving forward I’m excited to meet my new team, see the office, and have the atmosphere of life around again."


How have you found training so far?


"Training has been good! Very detailed and thorough, with lots of resources and materials to use too. It’s mostly led by our CEO John, who’s been in the industry for a long time now, so I know I’m getting the best insight and information without a doubt."


How have you spent your days off during lockdown?


"Mostly relaxing, a lot of Netflix, Yoga and as many trips out to the surrounding areas of where I live to walk really! I've been quite tired on weekends at the moment though, so quite a lot of snoozing has also happened."


What 3 things will you take from this experience?


"One, internet connection is everything. Two, how important it is to keep my mind busy and engaged, and Three, if I can adapt and WFH in a new job successfully, I can adapt to anything else that comes my way."


What are you finding most difficult at the moment?


"Probably how small my 'home office' is right now. It's far too small"

What advice would you give to anyone who was to be onboarded remotely?


"Be patient, and stay open minded!"

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