Software Developer Interview Tips

Have you got an interview for a Software Developer position? Don’t stress!


We’ve managed to pull together some advice from leading tech professionals in Germany to make sure you ace your interview.

“I think it is crucial to be prepared and informed about tech stack, position and company. Besides that be yourself, be honest to the interviewer but also to yourself, do not play a role. Ask all questions you have, so you can figure out if that is the right company for you.”

Peyman Pouryekta, Director Of Engineering at Spectrm

“Don’t stress yourself, the next job is waiting for you.”

Jens Verneuer, Senior Director Of Engineering at Global Savings Group

 “Make sure to do some research before the interview. On a technical level, familiarise yourself with their application’s layouts and functionality. See if they have an internal tech blog, or any open source projects you can check out. On a more general level, you should know what the company does, what industry they operate in and what they’ve been doing recently. Linkedin, company blogs and Techcrunch are some good places to start your research.”

Stephan Leece, Software Engineer at Grover


“As a candidate you should take the time and be prepared for the interview. In the interview it is always nice to show that you can communicate technical complex topics in a easy way. Explaining examples from your history and what you achieved in the past is always helpful.” 

Peyman Pouryekta, Director Of Engineering at Spectrm

“Start from learning what is it exactly the company is looking for both in terms of hard skills and behaviours. Snoop around, hustle, Google the company, connect with people on LinkedIn, read blogs. Once you do that – listen to your inner voice if what you found out is actually something you want to do 40 hours a week, month after month. Nobody wins if you ace an interview and end up quitting once the honeymoon is over.”

Nikita Belokopytov, Head of Engineering @ Nepos GmbH


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