The 5 Hottest Start-ups Hiring in 2019

I am starting to write this whilst on a plane between London and Berlin. When I land at the 1960’s wonder that is Tegel Airport (seriously, when will Brandenburg finally open?), I will be on the future site of the Urban Tech Republic – a planned 221 Hectare space for upto 800 companies and 17,500 employees – the future hub of Berlin’s Tech scene perhaps?

Berlin has long since established itself as a thriving hub for Technology and there has been a notable acceleration in the past few years. The number of Start-Up companies choosing Berlin as their hub and indeed global giants relocating their HQ or setting up branches in the coolest capital in Europe is just one way this is apparent.

Coming from the UK, I have always been fascinated at how diverse the German economy is. The UK is incredibly London-centric, with other regions being neglected by the national government – so I have always wondered at Germany’s multiple strong centres of commerce – Stuttgart (and others!) for Automotive, Frankfurt for Finance, Munich for International corporations, NRW the industrial powerhouse and Berlin the funky Tech and StartUp scene.

What defines a Start-Up? Is it the size of the company? Is it the age of the company? Is it the “feel” of the company and how it operates? I’d say it’s a mixture of all 3. I’d argue you could have a 1000-person Start-Up – agree?!

I’ve done extensive research over the past days to compile this list and it’s been very difficult to narrow down the hundreds of Start-Ups that I know to be hiring in Berlin to just 5. But someone’s got to do it hey?

Here we go…


1. Tier Mobility.


Tier Mobility, Scooters

Of the multiple e-mobility companies that have exploded this year in Berlin, Tier Mobility has stood out to me above all. They have set the bar very high in this space. Tier’s marketing and branding is sleek and sophisticated and they have a solid social media presence – crucial in this crowded market. They have received substantial funding and seem to have used this wisely with a well-run logistical operation. Whether you are a fan of e-scooters in Berlin or not, you cannot deny that Tier have established themselves as a recognisable and known brand in a short space of time. Furthermore, I feel that the green credentials of e-mobility, the ease of use and the fact that using them is pretty cool will surely mean that this is a high-growth and future-facing market. I have no idea if further expansion is planned into other cities or countries, but I am certain that when laws and regulations are inevitably relaxed in other locations in the coming months, Tier will be one of the main players involved. According to their website, Tier are currently hiring for Backend Developers, Frontend Developers and Apps Developers (amongst others) and you can apply to join the coolest company in town here:



2. Infarm.


Infarm, Company

I’ve been lucky enough to have met this company twice, and in two different offices. What they are doing is simply a game-changer. Infarm are revolutionising urban farming, helping the environment and improving the logistics supply chain by bringing perfectly optimised produce to cities to be used in restaurants, supermarkets and homes. The company’s growth has been remarkable and they have recently moved into super cool offices in the south of the city. Last month they closed a $100 Million funding round to scale and I’m truly exited to see what happens next with these guys. Founded in 2013, the company’s innovate data-driven “farming-as-a-service” approach is truly unique and has blown competitors in this emerging space out of the water. Infarm are advertising multiple roles across tech, marketing and sales – check their jobs out for yourself here:



3. ResearchGate.



Imagine a social professional network for scientists and researchers… this is what ResearchGate is in a nutshell. With over 15 Million users worldwide, their mission is to connect the world of science and open research up to all. Research underpins our society – constantly driving betterment in every area of our lives. This company has some very impressive backers to the tune of almost $90 Million (including Mr Bill Gates!) and was founded in 2008. If you are a developer, data engineer or designer you may find your dream job working for a company that makes a genuinely positive impact on the scientific community – find out more for yourself here: 



4. N26.


Credit Card

My choice of N26 as one of Berlin’s top 5 Tech StartUps is made all the more relevant with this week’s announcement that they have extended their Series D funding by $170 Million to a total of a whopping $470 Million! This brings the company’s valuation to a staggering $3.5 Billion – making it Germany’s highest valued Startup. With the milestone of 3.5 Million customers achieved last month, several new product launches and a USA launch, now is the perfect time to join one of the World’s most exciting and valuable FinTech companies. N26 is on an exciting journey to innovate, diversity and improve the way banking is done around the world. Technology is at the heart of N26 and they are currently hiring en-masse across the entire Technical spectrum. Check their careers page out here: 



5. Movinga.


Movinga, Company

How much of a pain in the ass is moving? The occasions I have moved in my life have stressed me out beyond belief! I could have used a company like Movinga to help me – if only it existed before 2015! In just 4 short years Movinga has made waves in their space – radically transforming the moving industry by reducing costs and improving service via automation and their commitment to trust and quality. Having raised almost $100 Million in funding and operating in both France, Germany, and now Sweden, Movinga is on a growth trajectory and are currently hiring for a node.js developer and a Senior Fullstack Developer– you can apply directly here:



What do you think of my list? Have I missed anyone out?

In my professional career I have been lucky to have only worked in Start-Ups – firstly in a recruitment Start-Up, before setting up my own almost 5 years ago. I personally love the freedom and the opportunity to be involved in and integral to something scalable, new and exciting.

I hope this list may help you on the path to finding out more about some of the best and brightest Start-Ups in Berlin, who knows – you may even end up working there – which would make me very happy indeed.

Written by John Lennon.


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