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The real cost of hiring tech talent

If you’re in the business of developing or implementing technology, securing the right folk for the job is always on your radar. There’s never a skills gap that doesn’t need closing or a project that couldn’t do with an extra pair of skilled hands.

And when it comes to tech and IT, recruitment is always candidate led. Us tech recruiters don’t get the luxury of posting an advert at 17:00 to find an inbox full of ready-to-go prime applicants at 09:00 the next morning. 

Simply put, there are more vacancies to fill than candidates to fill them. A good tech recruiter needs a much wider skillset to ensure square CVs aren’t forced into the triangle shaped vacancies. That’s why the cost of not engaging is so high.

Boosting your signal

Fun fact about the developers, engineers, and other tech-professionals you’re struggling to find; they don’t have to look for jobs.

Ask your IT-focused staff how many unsolicited job opportunities there are in their inbox today. Loads, right? 

Now, ask those same staff which recruiters they don’t ignore. We’d put money on most (if not all) having one or two trusted consultants they’re always willing to hear out. It may even be the one who submitted them to you, way back when. 

This is also the reason retaining tech staff is trickier (but that’s wisdom for another day). They’re always in demand. So much so, that unless you’re represented by one of the few trusted recruitment consultants they’ll open a message from, it’s nearly impossible to grab their attention.

Searching haystacks and finding needles

It’s a running joke amongst Java developers to share their annoyance at being approached for JavaScript roles. The same for Azure architects with AWS vacancies, Android devs with IOS openings, etc.

The reason bad tech recruiters make these mistakes is they rely on Boolean searches or LinkedIn/Job Boards. You know how easily the wrong person is picked up because they mention they did a completely unrelated task on a project that happened to contain elements of the tool/language/platform you need a back-to-front expert in. 

The tech recruiters your staff don’t ignore have one thing in common; they know their C# from their C++. Engaging a decent tech recruiter cuts through the thousands of available folk with the right job title to find the 4 or 5 who actually have the skills and experience you’re looking for. 

A tech recruiter worth their fee delivers a batch of hand-picked applications, all correctly matched to the skill requirements of the vacancy, sourced directly from their existing network or a direct referral. Every CV you receive has allowed you to skip potentially years of work - digging through the candidate pool in your area/sector to find out who can do what, how well, and what it will take for them to move.

Slashing time-to-hire (and the costs that come with it)

Getting your vacancy out there, and finding the right applicants, are time consuming tasks. Especially if you’re starting from a blank slate without a pre-existing network of candidates and connections.

Here’s the rub; time is a luxury you don’t have. Tech and IT are some of the fastest moving global sectors. Your competitive edge is only as sharp as the speed you can deliver. Rollout updates, products, or features slower than your rivals and your place in the market plummets.

Nothing slows down a delivery like not having the key team player you need. A team only needs to be 1 person down for workload to increase, stress follows, focus slips, deliverables are missed, and both productivity and quality of output suffer.

Revenue also directly suffers from open tech vacancies, contrary to the popular myth that an unfilled role somehow cuts costs. The interview process alone for tech roles takes almost a whole business month on average. That’s assuming the process is successful and the right candidate applies as soon as the role is advertised.

There’s no replacement for a reliable recruitment consultant

Engaging with experienced, reputable, and above all candidate-trusted tech recruiters keeps your time-to-hire at a minimum for all of the above reasons, and many more. This in turn means current staff are happier, your deliverables are met, and your revenue as healthy as it should be.

Simply put, when you look at the work needed to find the right candidates, combined with the cost of leaving vacancies unfilled, it becomes clear how not engaging a recruiter isn’t the wisest move. 

I’m not saying that you should entertain every agency and recruitment consultant hounding your inbox, either. Find a consultant that fits your company goals, and work with them. Approach them directly. I guarantee they’ll be receptive to you reaching out. 

Take the time to do some research and find a consultant known for their thorough and dedicated service. One that’s trusted and engaged with by the type of candidates you’re looking for. That way, you’ll find securing the tech talent you need isn’t the expensive and stressful challenge it has been until now. 

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