Did you know we’ve just partnered with the most eco-friendly search engine in the world; Ecosia 🌲🌍

THRYVE & Ecosia


THRYVE & Ecosia


Why we’re super proud to have partnered with the world’s largest not-for-profit search engine, Ecosia.


Who is THRYVE?


THRYVE is an experienced Technology Consultancy, focused exclusively on delivering growth and results for our partners in the German Technology market. Our quality-obsessed approach enables our partners to achieve critical business objectives in a way that’s both effective and agile. 


Who is Ecosia?


Ecosia is a search engine that's been actively fighting climate change since 2009. Proud to put people and planet before profit, Ecosia dedicates 100% of its profits to climate action, with at least 80% financing tree-planting projects around the world. By offering 15 million users (and counting) a green alternative to online search, Ecosia has planted over 130 million trees to date.


Why work together?


THRYVE is on a mission to make a big impact through charitable and environmental causes. By partnering with Ecosia, not only can we be sure we’re making a real difference, we can also help our partners across Germany to play their part in helping to win the battle to save our planet. 


THRYVE is proud to be an early adopter of Ecosia’s recently launched tree planting service for businesses called Ecosia Trees. Ecosia specialises in planting mixed forests instead of harmful monocultures, working with local communities to provide economic opportunities, and sensitively restoring degraded and barren grounds back into fertile woods and farmlands. 

This partnership will also boost the CSR efforts for each German based tech company THRYVE  works with. Every time someone purchases a product from THRYVE, trees will be planted,monitored and protected to ensure its survival within large scale ecosystem restoration projects around the world. 


Why trees? (We asked Ecosia...)

Sustained action is needed to counter the climate crisis and reforestation is one way to achieve this. At the moment, 11% of all greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans are due to deforestation. Tree planting mitigates these effects, by supporting new diverse forests that can absorb harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Tree planting also helps to restart water cycles and reclaim land from degradation. 


In Senegal, Ecosia works with Trees for Future to facilitate the planting of Forest Gardens for smallholder farmers that help to revitalise the soil, enhance biodiversity, protect crops and provide shade and moisture during the dry season. So far, 165 hectares have been restored and nearly 35,000 tonnes of CO2 will be stored over 20 years. A project in Burkino Faso has focused on reforesting the Sahel, where Ecosia works with Hommes et Terre to restore ecosystems and empower communities by restoring desertified land to its former fertility. More than 20 million trees have been planted in Burkino Faso through this project.  


Ecosia’s projects also focus on supporting and protecting local wildlife. In Uganda, Ecosia partners with the Jane Goodall Institute Austria to protect chimpanzee habitats. Since 2017, over 1 million trees have been planted in corridors to connect forests in the Bugoma and Budongo Forest Reserves to ensure the chimps can move around safely. 


Ecosia also responds to global events, such as devastating wildfires in Brazil, where it has financed the fire-fighting efforts of a tree-planting partner, and Australia, where it started its first tree-planting project last year in areas of sub-tropical rainforest that should never burn. The company also launched its first UK-based project last year in partnership with NHS Forest and Trees for Cities, which saw 2,020 trees planted around hospitals to support the wellbeing of frontline workers in the pandemic, and is looking to expand its activities further in the UK.


Companies that partner with Ecosia Trees will be part of this global initiative to reverse the climate crisis, protect wildlife and support local communities by tackling poverty and regenerating depleted soils. 


Christian Kroll, CEO and founder of Ecosia, said: “Companies are stepping up their Net Zero commitments and the proven way to give back to the Earth and help fight the climate crisis is through tree planting. Our new Ecosia Trees service provides an opportunity for businesses to commit to an effective, sustainable way to regenerate the planet. Our team of reforestation experts ensures each tree is planted, monitored and supported throughout its growth cycle, so it not only absorbs CO2 but protects wildlife, combats erosion and boosts local economies.”


In Ethiopia, deforestation has led to bare mountains, dry river banks, and eroded soil. Ecosia has worked with local women’s groups to make sure trees are planted in a way that benefits rural communities. This includes restoring watersheds that keep rivers flowing to the soil and improving crop yields. And as more crops grow, the local people can earn more money and pay for things like medicine and school fees.

25% of the Indonesian rainforest has been replaced by huge palm oil plantations, pushing out endangered wildlife like elephants, orangutans, and rhinos and damaging the livelihoods of farming communities. As we plant trees, they help to reclaim and restore the plantations to their former glory, while helping provide a source of livelihood to the communities worst hit by the effects of the palm oil industry.


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