Top 4 questions to ask at the end of the interview

So, you’ve managed to get through the interview – congratulations! Now here come the questions. Chances are they are going to answer most generic questions that you already had in your head. It’s always good to have some backup questions to ask in the back of your mind. If you don’t ask anything at the end of the interview you risk looking uninterested!


Director of Engineering, Peyman says: “I like it when candidates ask for the further process. It shows he/she thinks already about the future.”


1. Are there opportunities for training and progression within the role?



This question is perfect! It shows how eager you are to learn and move up within the company. This also give the interviewer a chance to sell the job a little bit more.


2. What do you enjoy about your job?



From the interviewer’s answer you’ll know straight away if you can see yourself working within the company. If they are slow to answer this question or have to think – red flag!


3. What would a typical day look for me?



By asking this question, you’ll be letting the interviewer imagine you working within their team. You will also get a chance to see if you would suit the role or not. 


4. What are the next steps?



To keep your mind at ease, it’s worth getting an idea about their interview process. Every company is going to be different; some might be looking for someone to start ASAP whilst another company might be hiring for the following year. By asking this question you’ll be able to gauge how they feel about you.


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