Top 5 tech startups to watch in 2020

1. Lilium


Lilium, Flying, Plane, Transport


Founded in 2014, this Munich-based startup is making one of the world’s first electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) jets. Lilium’s vision is to create a global flying taxi service, accessible for everyone. With ambitious plans leading up to 2025, the company are hoping to be the “Uber of the skies”.


2. CoachHub


Coachub, Woman on phone, orange, coffee


Ever wanted an on-the-go coach? Meet CoachHub, the “mobile coaching cloud.” Employees can speak to coaches about a variety of different topics from time management to leadership goals. Founded just two years ago by brothers Yannis and Matti Niebelschuetz, CoachHub is new to the Berlin tech scene but is expanding rapidly.

3. Grover


Grover, company


Instead of cashing out every month for the latest gadgets, why not subscribe and pay a monthly fee instead? Grover helps you to do just this! You can get the latest Apple AirPods Gen2 with a wireless charging case for just €12.90 a month or the Apply iPhone Xr 64GB for €32.90 per month.


4. Pitch


Pitch, creative, presentation


This Berlin-based startup specialises in presentation. Not only is their website aesthetically pleasing but they help customers build beautiful slideshows collaboratively. Founded by a team of eight who previously built Wunderlust, these guys know a thing or two about designing a product that makes our lives easier!


5. Candis


Candis, Company


Founded in 2015 by software entrepreneurs Christopher Becker, Christian Ritosek and Garik Suess, Candis are bringing accounting to the 21st century and into the cloud! Candis have built a software that enables companies to automate financial processes, helping tax advisors and accountants to consistently track business transactions.


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