Where Can I Find A Great DevOps Candidate?

If you’re expanding your team and pushing your business into new territory, you may be on the hunt for DevOps specialists. The problem is, they can be very tricky to find.

Given its status as an emerging area of tech, DevOps is a sector where experienced candidates are few and far between. That’s why you need help to identify someone who will truly add value to your organisation.

Our blog offers some crucial guidance…


Consider what you actually need


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Roles in DevOps are being touted as the jobs of the future and, in time, many businesses will have their very own related department. But before you dive right into the search, you must align DevOps with your company targets.

DevOps is a broad field. So, ask yourself: in order to reach your goals, which area do you genuinely need assistance with? This will help you create an accurate job advertisement and shape your recruitment process accordingly.

It all comes down to getting your hiring habits right. Manage this, and you’ll attract considerably higher calibre (and better suited) applicants – meaning a fast turnaround on recruitment times.


Don’t restrict your search to jobseekers


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Many businesses make the mistake of keeping their candidate search confined to those that are actively seeking work. In reality, some of the best DevOps staff are currently in roles right now.

Tech specialists can remain off the radar for recruiters as they’ve transitioned into DevOps from other internal roles. Targeted searching then becomes key in order to find these candidates (many of whom have already gained invaluable experience by learning on the job).

Attracting a DevOps specialist who’s already in a role isn’t necessarily more difficult either. Their learning curve could have flattened out, or they might be craving more responsibility. An attractive offer could be just the thing to turn their heads.


Ignore conventional recruitment


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DevOps brings together the best of software development and IT operations, so you need a candidate who’s both talented and a perfect culture fit.

The jury is definitely out on conventional recruitment’s effectiveness when it comes to longstanding tech roles. But for emerging tech positions like DevOps, a modern, progressive hiring approach is essential.

You need a partner who knows exactly what DevOps involves, understands how it adds value, and has access to the best talent in the sector.

That’s why you should choose our team for support. We don’t provide hiring services here at Lennon Wright; we offer insightful, innovative recruitment solutions tailored to your needs.

Ready to be introduced to the finest talent in DevOps? All you need to do is contact us. We can match you to candidates who will become an invaluable asset to your business.


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