Why Are So Many Graduates Choosing Careers In Recruitment?

When you find the right recruitment agency, you won’t experience the ordinary 9 to 5. Far from it. Instead, you’ll get your first taste of entrepreneurship, an exciting range of development opportunities, and the chance to earn more money than you ever thought possible.

A growing number of graduates are beginning to discover the joys of recruitment – with the likes of Lennon Wright providing career paths that promise so much more than just a job.

If you’re fresh out of uni or stuck in a graduate job you aren’t enjoying, here are a few reasons why you should consider choosing a career in recruitment…


Build your own mini business


Holding a pen, making notes

The best agencies treat recruitment like an entrepreneurial job. That’s why we give every graduate the chance to put their business acumen to the test at Lennon Wright.

If you dream of running your own company one day, this is the best place to begin. When you join us, you’re responsible for your own mini business from the very start.

Our three-month Experts Programme is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to create a personal recruitment hub – with all the necessary support, tools and expertise on hand at any time to help you thrive.


Start earning big straight away


Money, Counting, Saving up

Graduate salaries start low and slowly rise. That’s the approach in most industries, anyway.

But recruitment doesn’t see it that way. Graduates can pick up huge money almost immediately. At Lennon Wright, we sit down with new staff to understand their earning goals and provide the support needed to achieve these aims.

We also provide one of the most lucrative commission schemes on the market, including monthly bonuses for top billers. So, if you have an eye for matching candidates and companies, you could make a small fortune that defies your graduate status.


Access a range of development opportunities


iPad, Searching, Looking

Modern graduates are eager to keep learning beyond their degrees. The great thing about recruitment is that there are numerous opportunities to do this on the job.

Tech recruitment companies in particular tend to offer learning courses for their staff. This is a rapidly evolving sector after all, and their teams need the latest knowledge and skills to stay on top of new and emerging roles.

For anyone looking to build on the skills they acquired in higher education – from niche technical expertise right through to organisational talent, communication ability and presentation flair – tech recruitment is definitely the place to be.

As well as general training, we offer a directorship programme at thryve – presenting a clear route to senior roles within 24 months.


Enjoy the perfect work-life balance


Playing with child, happy, sunset

Traditional recruitment is a grind – and many graduates often find themselves spending late nights in the office in attempt to hit their targets. At Lennon Wright, however, we do everything we can to ensure a better work-life balance. That’s why 96% of our new hires remain with us for at least 18 months.

Along with half-day Fridays, we also offer unlimited holidays and opportunities to travel the world – with some of our consultants visiting places like Dubai, Las Vegas, New York, Ibiza and the Caribbean after less than a year on the job.

We take care of our staff back in our offices too – providing free food and drink, and issuing every employee with their own smartphone.


Like the sound of recruitment? Your future could lie at thryve...


Why not contact our team and learn more about working with us?

We’re proud of our superb employee feedback here at thryve. Our team perform to the highest standards because they’re happy – and they know that this is the best place to achieve their aspirations.

Get in touch to discover more about the thryve workspace.


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