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By utilizing the latest tech and harnessing our engaged community, thryve’s people-centred approach transforms careers and elevates tech teams all over Germany to reach the next level. Hiring?

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What do they say when we’re not in the room?

Get the lowdown from the people we’ve worked with.

We’ve been very pleased with the results from the 2 hiring processes this year (Game Designer and Sr. 3D Artist).


Both positions were filled faster than we would have expected and more importantly with great candidates who are now key members of the Starberry team. Sonny’s activity to search, screen and send candidates to our funnel impressed us and led to an efficient recruitment process.


We believe working with Thryve helped us reach out and convince candidates that we would have otherwise not been able to speak to.I’ve already recommended Sonny to fellow gaming entrepreneurs in Berlin.

Antti H, CEO, Starberry Games GmbH

I’ve been in contact with thryve for around 1 year, and although we don’t have the capacity to work with external agencies yet, they still managed to offer useful advice and insights on the market in Munich, how to hire and find the best candidates – free of charge.

I’m in touch with Khalifa, and we’ve even met for a coffee in Munich before and it was a very refreshing conversation, would definitely do it again.


I would definitely recommend to partner with thryve, they do things differently!

Martin K, CEO, Tangany GmbH

We worked together with Thryve this year to recruit for our software team.

We found a really good freelancer with their help that we hired full time in the end. Communication was good and easy, as well as the support throughout the whole process.

We would recommend Thryve for finding software talents!

Laura Keicher, Head of Talents, Mecuris GmbH

We're always hearing about the great service from John and the whole team at Thyrve.

We've been working with John and his team for years - a true partnership that just gets better and better. They're professional, responsive and brilliant to work with. I cannot recommend them enough!

Llyod T, Head of operations

My experience with Thryve Talent, John and Sonny has been excellent. They as an agency have helped us here at Tillhub redefine our recruitment process / efforts and also have helped me understand best practices.

Personally, I have had many experiences with recruiters & platforms and they by far submit the best profiles.

Oliver M, CEO, Tillhub GmbH