I can honestly say that the Thryve family have made me feel right at home!

When searching for a job it was apparent to me that this company would be the one, and I was right. I am loving it!

From very early on I felt like I was growing in all different areas of IT Recruitment, pushing myself to do better every day.

I have had fantastic support and guidance from my colleagues who are extremely motivated and passionate which is great to be around!

Outside of the office you will probably find me at the stables. When I am not riding I try to spend as much time with my family and friends as possible,

I love a relaxing weekend away visiting as many different cities as I can.

Specialist video interviewing vs Zoom

One of the most common objections when pitching Specialist Video Interviewing Software is… “yeah okay sounds cool, but surely you can just use Zoom?”. Zoom is brilliant video confer...
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Interview with Stefanie Milcke, CMO and CSO at Gastro-MIS GmbH

Going fully remote and embracing greater efficiency. Social distancing and loneliness. Getting active and developing a stronger family unit. Check out our interview with Stefanie Milcke, CMO and CSO a...
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Our FAQ's Answered by CEO John Lennon

1. What is the job situation on the current market?   Companies in Germany are still hiring, but we have seen an estimated 35% decrease in availability of Tech jobs across the country. Ther...
22-04-2020 Read

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