Our Mission Statement

We enable organisations across Germany and Tech Talent across the World to grow and prosper in their working lives. People are at the heart of everything we do - our transparent, human approach to growth allows our team, customers and candidates to flourish.

Our Values

Growth - we genuinely want everyone to thrive. We are all about growth – from our team to our client partners, we want to help people to grow in their lives and careers.

Ethical - we develop long-term partnerships by being open, honest and transparent. Honesty is the best policy and we will always advise in your best interests.

Quality - from the type of companies we partner with, to the Tech we utilise to continually improve our processes, to the calibre of candidate we represent, quality always shines through.

Community - by sharing ideas and collaborating, we can all grow. The Community is just one way thryve contributes to the German Tech world. We support our team personally and professionally and actively support the external development of the team.

We love Tech - our team live and breathe Tech. An active member of the German tech scene, we also utilise the latest tech solutions to facilitate a better experience for Talent and Partners alike.


Some of our clients.

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