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This is our team

  • Sonny Ford

    Associate Director


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  • Eavie Mickley

    Operations Manager


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  • Matt Coll-Beswick

    Senior Recruitment Consultant


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  • Morgan Jones

    Delivery Consultant


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  • Bruno The Boss


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  • John Lennon



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  • Brandon Hitchman

    Recruitment Consultant


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  • Ben Burton

    Recruitment Specialist - Freelance


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  • Khalifa salim

    Divisional Manager Munich


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  • Kamile Valaseviciute

    Team Executive


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  • Faisal amejee

    Contract Manager


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Thryve Teams

Our History

  • Thryve was born.

    Our founder John’s mild obsession with all things Germany turned into a full-blown way of life.
    September 2014
  • Thryve began operations on January 2nd 2015 (we had to celebrate New Years right?!).

    We found a TINY office in the middle of nowhere and hammered the phones for 12 months. Our mission - survival.
  • Within 12 months we knew that if we wanted to attract the best people we had to move to London, or Berlin.

    We set up a (yet again) small office in the heart of London and hired our first 2 employees!
    June 2016 - by this point we had grown to 10 people and had started to really deliver for our clients across Germany and the wider EU.
    December 2015
  • US market, further expansion and multiple offices.

    We opened offices in the USA, Berlin and Munich to supplement our London HQ’s growth. Records broken left right and centre.
  • wait! The US market didn’t quite work out for us.

    We discovered we should stick to what we know best - Germany. Stabilisation, rethink, planning.
  • new direction. Fresh ideas were needed in what is a crowded industry.

    We developed our development programmes, hired better people for our team and grew. 2020 - amazing, record-breaking Q1, followed by the C word. We decided that we would fight against the pressures. We doubled our team size, invested heavily in our sales, marketing and operations and ended 2020 with a record Sales year, ready for…
  • amazing, record-breaking Q1, followed by the C word. We decided that we would fight against the pressures.

    We doubled our team size, invested heavily in our sales, marketing and operations and ended 2020 with a record Sales year, ready for…
  • With an unbeatable team, we are nearing our ultimate goal of being the number 1Tech Talent partner in Germany.

    Without our team, our magic wouldn’t happen.
Let’s keep going

What We Actually Do

Our singular mission is to enable the Tech Community in Germany to grow and realise their goals.

thryve’s modern, reliable and ethical approach is led by quality and meeting your expectations, adding significant value to your team and enabling you to scale.

We recognise that traditional recruitment is outdated and does not work for most. That’s why we focus on developing an engaged community of Partners and Talent across Germany.

By harnessing the power of our Community and using the very latest technology and methodology we help organisations across Germany to thryve.

Team Guilty Pleasures


My guilty pleasure has to be SUNGLASSES! It’s actually more of an obsession. I currently have a collection of 38 pairs, and still looking to buy more! I’ve had to tell myself not to buy anymore til I’ve re-worn them at least twice, to tame my obsession!


Football shirts. Exclusively GERMAN football shirts! I have around 250 different shirts, and my collection keeps on growing! My all time favourite is the Euro 96 Gareth Southgate shirt, but also my 1994 Jurgen Klinsmann Germany shirt, and also the 1996 Borussia Dortmund ‘’Continentale’’ shirt….. and also, my special collection of Chelsea shirts! Obsessed? Maybe!  


My guilty pleasure is cooking and watching cooking shows! I am a control freak in the kitchen, and I can’t have anyone help me. I love cooking, its so relaxing, almost like meditation! Most of my Sunday’s are spent watching cooking shows!


My guilty pleasure has to be creating silicone prosthetics! I love sculpting, moulding, and creating art on people. It’s super satisfying to take it off, and I love being creative!


PLANTS. If there aren’t any, I won’t stay long. Check out the latest delivery at thryve HQ…



Shrek is love. Shrek is life. I live my life by the saying "That’ll do Donkey, that’ll do’’. 


 My watches have to be neatly organised; they are my pride and joy!  I even use a toothbrush to line them up neatly!


what do basketball players do when they can no longer see? They become referees! All jokes aside, I’m a HUGE fan of basketball, especially the New Orleans Pelicans! ROLL WITH IT!


My guilty pleasure is knitting. I enjoy knitting and what?

Matt CB 

Not many people know, but I am obsessed with red pesto! I even keep some in a secret location at work! Don’t go looking for it, don’t be an impesto!


Some may label it as ‘girly’, but my guilty pleasure has to be cocktails! Pornstar Martinis especially! They are so good and I’ll take them over a beer any day!


I would consider my obsession and ultimately my addiction to trainers a real guilty pleasure!


Cheat days are my guilty pleasure! Who doesn’t love a good cheat day? I love them a bit too much, don’t tell my abs! 

Matt S

Controversial opinion, but Cool Doritos with the sour cream dip is THE best! It’s such a cheeky snack to enjoy, and more people need to get on this hype!!


Spa days have to be my guilty pleasure, who doesn’t like getting pampered?

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